Sunkist “Freshly Picked Contest”


“Freshly Picked Contest” is an online-to-offline campaign which Fungjai specifically curated for Sunkist. A music contest where we picked upcoming bands to perform alongside the established ones.

Kicking off the campaign by recruiting upcoming artists who are full of passion with fresh and interesting potentials. We proceeded to organise a workshop where they learned how to make a song with professional producers. The 10 finalists from the workshop then released the remastered songs on Fungjai.com which they worked with music professionals.

We created an online contest where fans voted for their favourite band. Top 2 fan favourite bands (Yented and Pyra) then advanced to play in “Sunkist Freshly Picked Concert” at Glowfish Sathorn with over 700 spectators.


Sunkist was recently launched in the Thai market under the key message “Freshie”, and wanted to create brand awareness and translate their brand message to young generations of music lovers.


We had a thought that the selection of upcoming artists is just like the selective quality oranges. From the process of planting tips to the process of picking oranges to be squeezed and cooked as a delicious and refreshing orange juice. Things need to be meticulously chosen. That is why we believe this contest is just as “freshly picked” as well as Sunkist orange juice.


  • Recruited participants via Fungjai’s website. Allowing artists to send in their demos (songs) for participating without any limitations.
  • Organised a workshop with over 200 participants from the submitted 141 bands.
  • First-round finalists were QWERTY, Pyra, Tik Nop, Yented, Soultiss, Nick, Lemq, Morning Glory, Dept, Yew

  • Working with professional producers (selected by Fungjai), 10 finalists released the remastered version of the 10 songs on Fungjai.com
  • Created an online contest via Facebook for voting for fan’s favourite artists by reacting LOVE (counted as 30% of the total scores)
  • The two highest scoring bands, YENTED and Pyra, created a brand new music video supported by Sunkist and Fungjai.


  • Workshop for the participants at TCDC, Central Post Office, Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok
  • Organised a concert “Sunkist Freshly Picked Concert” for the 2 finalists, Yented and Pyra at Glowfish Sathorn. The concert was joined by Thai indie-pop bands; Superbaker, Gym & Swim, and Whal & Dolph

Gallery: Freshy Picked Contest


  • Brand exposure on Official Music Video from YENTED and PYRA with over 6.7 million views

  • Reaching over 1.7 million people (Facebook) via 83 customised contents online
  • YENTED kicked off their band’s success in Thai indie scene with this song. Now signed under ‘Macrowave Music’ (Under BEC-Tero Entertainment)


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