‘Tiger Jams’ is an iconic concert series created together by Tiger Beer and Fungjai where we discover new prospects in the music industry. In this campaign, the “Undiscovered Artists” who qualified through the online program would be selected to ‘jam’ alongside the Thai international acts (e.g. FLURE, PARADOX, and TATTOO COLOUR) on the ‘Uncage Outlets’ which was held not only in Bangkok but also in other provinces.


Global music campaign initiatives by Tiger Beer to seek out Undiscovered Artists to ‘jam’ with KOLs and Visual Artists and perform with the international act on their Center Stage.


Creating an online-to-offline campaign with Tiger Beer. At the Tiger Jams 2 Center Stage, not only the audiences received phenomenal performance from the bands, the stage design was meticulously designed. Working with Eyedropper Fill, we created innovative media alongside their visual artists to create a remarkably unique stage. The stage also allows everyone to express their thoughts by sending messages on to the stages which only made the Tiger Jams into a concert to remember in their lifetime.


  • Recruited the “Undiscovered Artists” online by simply sending in a live performance video via YouTube. The campaign received over 200 applicants.
  • Selected 10 bands based on the songwriting and live performance. The chosen bands then sent to play on ‘Uncage Outlets’, a tour organised by Fungjai to send the artists all around Thailand alongside established bands.
  • Created ‘re-live’ concert videos where fans can enjoy the finalists’ shows on YouTube of Tiger Beer Thailand.
  • Selected 3 finalists via fan votes (on tigerjamsth.com). The winners will be playing on Tiger Jams 2 CenterStage with over 3,000 attendees.


  • ‘Uncage Outlets’ was a tour organised by Fungjai to send the selected artists all around Thailand alongside established bands.
  • The finalists of the campaign, Stoic, In This Peace, and Diaries, were selected to play on Tiger Jams 2 CenterStage with established bands in Thailand (FLURE, PARADOX, and TATTOO COLOUR) at Voice Space with over 3,000 participants.

Gallery: Tiger jams 2


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